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Having been a US Navy hospital corpsman and working in prehospital care, public health and healthcare administration since 1993, I was familiar with Jim Doherty and his work with emergency products.  He has a long, storied history of being involved with equipment made for first responders. I was excited by the prospects of working with him in creating other items that would save lives.

When the Ebola outbreak happened, Jim was concerned and saw a need in society.  When he asked me to research decontamination for ambulances, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m fascinated by pathogens and have been passionate about first responders working in a space free of harmful microorganisms.  It was important for all of us at AMBUstat to understand these small organisms that cause infection. Unfortunately, most of the textbook authors didn’t focus on pathogens because first responders don’t treat bacterial or viral infections, not do first responders diagnose them.  However, emergency responders are the front line providers and the first contact with these types of diseases will be through them.

That means that first responders will most likely become infected and/or become carriers of these dangerous organisms.  This was a real issue to be addressed – not just with Ebola, but in the future with other types of pathogens that could threaten our country, and possibly the world.

We needed to design something that was very easy to use, easy to understand and affordable.  The simplicity of the program we developed needed to be something that could be expanded throughout the global spectrum.  There was a lot of hard work and sleepless nights coming up with the right solution, and we feel that AMBUstat is unlike anything in the industry.

The true difference between AMBUstat and our competitors is that AMBUstat was purely designed for the safety of public health.  Our competitors were largely designed for controlled environments such as climate controlled quarantine rooms. Unfortunately, those types of spaces don’t exist in the prehospital world.

The most exciting aspect of AMBUstat is the decontamination agent.  We spent a lot of time and resources determining the best decontamination agent to achieve this goal.  We finally chose a cold sterilant called peracetic acid that can quickly destroy and inactivate all living organisms in a small room, such as a contaminated ambulance.

What makes this sterilant so effective is that it decontaminates an area fast, then depletes back into basic elements very quickly as well.  Not having any residual chemicals left in the space is obviously a critical necessity for the safety of patients and first responders alike.

AMBUstat is incredibly easy to operate and the period of inoperation for the emergency vehicle is minimal.  For a 500 cubic foot ambulance, the vehicle can be turned around in approx. 45 minutes.  

AMBUstat is a solution that has an incredible benefit to first responders and their patients, plus it has minimal impact on the environment.  I’m very proud to have contributed to the final product. AMBUstat truly is changing the way we clean and disinfect prehospital spaces.

-Jason Thompson

About the Author

Jason Thompson has been involved in prehospital care, public health and healthcare administration since 1993 and brings an incredible passion for his advocacy concerning the assurance that all services, to the extent reasonably possible, should be provided in a space free of harmful microorganisms, furthering his commitment to helping those who are unable to help themselves.

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