Hello World – Introducing AMBUstat™

The Premiere Solution for Bio-Decontamination

Biological contaminants are microorganisms that can be harmful to human or animal health if inhaled, swallowed or otherwise absorbed into the body. These potentially life-threatening contaminants include viruses, bacteria and fungi. Pandemic dangers are increasing and can leave the general public defenseless. One only has to think back to the recent Ebola Virus scare to realize how vulnerable the public felt at the time.

AMBUstat™ was created due to the panic associated with these recent pandemic threats. AMBUstat™ is a portable environmental surface bio-decontamination program that is safe, effective and affordable. The AMBUstat™ program utilizes an atomized cold sterilant to decontaminate surfaces that ultra-violet light cannot. The AMBUstat™ bio-decontamination program is perfect for prehospital care surfaces such as ambulances and crew areas. Other spaces such as holding cells, gyms, public shower rooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, assisted living facilities, meeting facilities, government offices and private facilities can also benefit from the AMBUstat™ program.

Another of the many benefits of the AMBUstat™ bio-decontamination program is that it’s easy to use and requires just a few instructions to begin. Plug it in, turn on the fogger and leave. The device atomizes the cold sterilant into microdroplets, creating a cold dry fog that inactivates and destroys pathogens.

The bio-decontamination process is relatively short, meaning there’s little downtime for the space being cleaned. A small space, such as an ambulance, can be thoroughly decontaminated with a high level of disinfection within only 40 minutes. Plus, the AMBUstat™ process is safe for sensitive electronics as the micro-droplets are only in contact with the surfaces long enough to get the job done, evaporating over the course of the dwell and ventilation periods, leaving the surfaces residue-free.

AMBUstat™ is highly effective, being able to achieve up to a 6-log reduction in surfaceborne pathogens across a multitude of surfaces. No other bio-decontamination program is as effective for the price. In fact, the closest comparable solution is six times the cost of the AMBUstat™ bio-decontamination program.

We live in a world where pathogens are a serious threat to our entire community’s well being. AMBUstat™ is the portable and affordable solution that delivers a high-level disinfection to a wide variety of surfaces and spaces sterilizing spaces for safer places.

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About the Author

Hello, my name is Atom. As you can see, I am very animated and passionate about sterilizing spaces for safer places. My job is to guide you through the AMBUstat process. Even though I am a cartoon character, I have all of the evidence-based facts that will guide you through your journey.

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