How It’s Different

The AMBUstat™ leads the industry in affordable, portable bio-decontamination systems.  As shown below, our systems achieve the same (or better) level of decontamination, while delivering a program with industry leading cost per treatment.

The Showdown



AMBUstat™ - $2,500
The Competition - $15,000+



AMBUstat™ - 12 lbs
The Competition - 54+ lbs



AMBUstat™ - Minimal Training, Equipment and Maintenance Required
The Competition - Minimal Training, Equipment and Maintenance Required



AMBUstat™ - Green (Breaks Down Into Water Vapor)
The Competition - Questionable Environmental Effects



The Competition

As you can see, when it comes down to it we are the clear winner.  We are Affordable, Portable, and Easy to Use.   AMBUstat™ is Safe, Effective and Eco-Friendly.  To learn more about how AMBUstat™ can create a decontamination program for you and your organization, please Contact Us today!