How It Works

AMBUstat™ is the first affordable and easy to use bio-decontamination program, designed specifically for prehospital and public heath spaces, utilizing an atomized cold sterilant to decontaminate surfaces that ultraviolet light cannot reach effectively. The AMBUstat™ program makes it easy and cost effective to achieve up to a 6-log reduction in surface-borne pathogens across a multitude of spaces that were previously considered inconceivable.

As the example below illustrates, it is now possible to achieve a high-level disinfection of small spaces, such as an ambulance, with only 40 minutes of downtime – including the removal of all visible organic and inorganic matter, through the following series of steps:

Step 1: Fogger

Following mechanical cleaning of all surfaces, the AMBUstat system runs for the appropriate amount of time. During this time, the device atomizes the Actril Cold Sterilant into a cold dry fog that destroys pathogens.

10 Minutes

Step 2: Dwell Period

The Actril Cold Sterilant must stay in contact with the targeted surfaces for a specified length of time (approx. 15 minutes). This is known as ‘Dwell’ or ‘Contact’ time.

15 Minutes

Step 3: Ventilation

The micro droplets evaporate during the ventilation time, leaving the targeted surfaces bio-decontaminated and residue-free.

10 Minutes

Step 4: Job Complete

Finally, the space is decontaminated and ready to go back into service.

5 Minutes