Fun Germ Fact #7:

A single dollar bill has 3,000 types of bacteria on it.

The AMBUstat™ Surface Bio-Decontamination Program is changing the way we clean and disinfect prehospital public health spaces, such as ambulances.

The AMBUstat™ system is highly portable, extremely easy to use and specifically tailored to keep critical spaces in service with minimal downtime.  And, with an introductory cost less than $2,500 for the entire starter set (including the first case of sterilant) AMBUstat™ is a practical solution for any organization.

In most cases, the deep cleaning process (removal of all visible organic and inorganic matter) of a small space like those associated with ambulances are only out of service for approximately 5 to 40 minutes.  This is vital to minimizing downtime, while protecting your assets through the investment in good risk management practices.

AMBUstat™ can be used for many other surfaces as well, including: gyms, public shower rooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, assisted living facilities, and anywhere surfaceborne, airborne and bloodborne pathogens can exist and spread.

Key Advantages

  • Quick operation
  • Effective in attaining a 6-log reduction of surfacebourne pathogens
  • Affordable to use in agencies of any size
  • Highly portable design
  • Durable, long-lasting equipment
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Residue-free, breaking down into water vapor
  • Versatile usage across many different spaces
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