Fun Germ Fact #4:

The speed of a sneeze is over 100 miles per hour and that sneeze can spread 500 droplets, containing 10,000 bacteria to a distance of 12 feet.

The AMBUstat™ Surface Bio-Decontamination Program is changing the way we clean and disinfect prehospital public health spaces, such as ambulances.

The AMBUstat™ system is highly portable, extremely easy to use and specifically tailored to keep critical spaces in service with minimal downtime.  And, with an industry leading low cost our entire starter set (including the first case of sterilant) AMBUstat™ is a practical solution for any organization.

In most cases, the deep cleaning process (removal of all visible organic and inorganic matter) of a small space like those associated with ambulances are only out of service for approximately 5 to 40 minutes.  This is vital to minimizing downtime, while protecting your assets through the investment in good risk management practices.

AMBUstat™ can be used for many other surfaces as well, including: gyms, public shower rooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, assisted living facilities, and anywhere surface-borne, airborne and blood-borne pathogens can exist and spread.

Key Advantages

  • Quick operation
  • Effective in attaining up to a 6-log reduction of surface-bourne pathogens
  • Affordable to use in agencies of any size
  • Highly portable design
  • Durable, long-lasting equipment
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Residue-free, breaking down into water vapor
  • Versatile usage across many different spaces