Jim Doherty on AMBUstat™

AMBUstat was developed in response to the Ebola outbreak.  I was frustrated watching CNN and seeing ambulances wrapped in plastic.  There was even talk about having them incinerated, which was insane to me.  If it indeed had turned out to be a pandemic, we would have run out of ambulances. I challenged my colleague, Jason,…

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Welcome to AMBUstat™

We are happy to announce that our site is officially up and running.  We greatly appreciate those that have been with us since the beginning and want to warmly welcome those visiting for the first time.  We believe strongly in what we are going to accomplish and know that it can’t happen without passionate ambassadors…

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Hello World – Introducing AMBUstat™

The Premiere Solution for Bio-Decontamination Biological contaminants are microorganisms that can be harmful to human or animal health if inhaled, swallowed or otherwise absorbed into the body. These potentially life-threatening contaminants include viruses, bacteria and fungi. Pandemic dangers are increasing and can leave the general public defenseless. One only has to think back to the recent Ebola…

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Maybe a Filthy Hotel Room isn’t a Big Deal?

My job requires me to spend a remarkable amount of time on the road, which means that I’m a frequent guest of various lodging establishments. Some are known chains and others are independently owned (and some of these should remain unknown). Regardless of the name on the sign, there are only a few things that…

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Are You a Hoarder Too?

We have all seen the news coverage of the local hoarder who calls 9-1-1 and can’t be rescued by first responders, because the first responders are unable to navigate their way to the patient. In fact, this same issue was exposed on a recent episode of Chicago Fire. Regardless, hoarding is a problem for people…

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