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 Original AmbuStat™ Program Flyer The AmbuStat™ Portable Environmental Surface Bio-Decontamination Program was designed to change the way we perceive the cleaning and disinfection of prehospital public health spaces.
 Flyer Comparing AmbuStat™’s Cost Per
Treatment Against the Competition
Spreading the Price of the Starter Set Over Five Years and Performing a Minimum of One Disinfection Treatment Per Week
5 Questions to Answer Before Any EMS Product
Answering these questions provides a blueprint for a quality process and product implementation into the EMS agency.
 Flyer Outlining Efficacy of Actril® Cold Sterilant The diagram to the right provides a list of microbes and viruses in order of resistance to death, from the least to most resistant.
 Flyer Outlining the AmbuStat™ Program Emergency Products & Research, Inc., also known as EP+R, is the exclusive manufacturer of the AmbuStat™ Portable Environmental Surface Bio-Decontamination Program, which was designed specifically for use in prehospital public health settings, such as fire/rescue and emergency medical services (EMS), to support the global bio-defense action plan.
 Flyer Reinforcing the AmbuStat™ Program’s
Commitment to Transparency
 We’re just putting it out there.
 Flyer Facilitating an Introduction to Peroxyacetic Acid and Actril® Cold Sterilant Peroxyacetic acid, also known as peracetic acid or PAA, is an organic compound comprising a mixture of acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in a watery solution and it is produced by a reaction between the acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
 An Internal Memo Outlining the Purpose of the
AmbuStat™ Program (It is a bit long, so you may want to grab a coffee)
The intent of this memorandum is to address the question that is being posed numerous times every day and that is ‘Why AmbuStat?
 Research Report: Residuals of Peroxide on Surfaces After Actril® Cold Sterilant Evaporates Minncare or Actril can be used to disinfect surfaces and leaves the surface wet at first. After drying, there is a question as to whether there is any residual of the components left behind. Both Minncare and Actril contain hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, and acetic acid.
 Research Report: C. Diff Endospores and Peroxyacetic Acid Germicides Actril Cold Sterilant is a Peracetic Acid (PAA) based sterilant that has specific claims against even the hardiest class of organisms – spores.
 Research Report: Effectiveness Against MRSA & MSSA Actril and Minncare Cold Sterilants are EPA registered high level disinfectants that have demonstrated effectiveness against a broad range of organisms.
 Application Brief: Actril® Cold Sterilant Effectiveness Ready-To-Use Sporicide For Surface Disinfection in Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Environments
 Application Brief: Actril® Cold Sterilant Efficacy Against Ebola Virus Actril Cold Sterilant Efficacy Against Ebola Virus
 Research Report: Actril® Cold Sterilant Fast, Safe, Reliable Surface Disinfection for the Life Sciences Market
 MSDS: Actril® Cold Sterilant Product and Company Identification
 Fact Sheet: Actril® Cold Sterilant Ready-To-Use Sporicide For Surface Disinfection
 Research Report: Surface Challenge Test: Actril® Cold Sterilant Surface Challenge Test (USP 1072)
 Research Report: Effectiveness Against Specific Microorganisms: Actril® Cold Sterilant Effectiveness Against Specific Microorganisms


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